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Thank you for reaching out to us! Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our Franchising program.

Our program includes an initial investment of 4,500.00$ and an annual renewal 199.99$ of the distribution license. By receiving the license you can publish on each platform you created the logo of UNDERSTUDIOS Entertainment, you will be entitled to an advertising space on our site that boasts more than 450,000 daily visits, plus you will receive a secondary license to distribute on our behalf Discographic and Cinematographic contents on : Netflix, Amazon Studios, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Spotify, Dezeer, Shazam, Google Play (Music and Movie) + extraordinary license for publishing news.

Please note that during the holidays we have limited access to check the emails.

Our Franchising operate internationally in the following states:
United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Italy, United Arab Emirates, France and Spain.
If your state is listed, send your Proposal Letter, compiling it with the following details:
your Name and Surname, Company Name, Address and Website.

We will respond within hours.

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Send proposal